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Bees and wasps on your property can sometimes become dangerous and also their sting can cause severe allergies. Besides, a large infestation of bees and wasps can also be very harmful and deadly. So, if you are discovering a bee hive or wasp nest at your place, then immediately reach out to us. Pest Control Darlinghurst is a leading bee pest control company in Darlinghurst. Our bee exterminators apply safe techniques to thoroughly remove bee hives from your place. Moreover, we are experts in wasp pest removal. No matter which type of bee or wasp infestation your place has, we will thoroughly eliminate it at the most affordable prices. To know more about our bee and wasp removal Darlinghurst service, call us. We are 24/7 active on 02 4018 7435

Our Wide Range Of Bees And Wasp Removal Services In Darlinghurst

We have 2 decades of experience in removing the bees and wasps infestation from both commercial and residential areas. Besides, we can treat all types of bees and wasp species commonly found in Darlinghurst. Our different kinds of wasp and bee removal services include:

  • Honey Bees: Honey bees are one of the common bees found in Darlinghurst. They are half an inch long and are hairy and honey brown in colour. Honey bees love to live in super large colonies insisting on 50,000 individuals. If you see a honey bee hive in or around your home, then call us for the best bee control service.
  • Bumble bees: Bumble bees make their nest in old rodent burrows and under porches. Also, they are ½ – 1 inch long.  These yellow and black striped bumble bees sting humans to defend themselves. Our team of professionals will thoroughly remove the bumble bee infestation and give you the best results.
  • Carpenter Bees: Female carpenters bees chew the wood and make the tune that goes several inches long in the wood. These bees have black abdomen and the colour of their body is yellow and black. The carpenter bees like to live in solitary. We are specialists in carpenter bee nest removal.
  • Paper Wasps: Paper wasps are a common wasps species that we are experts in treating. The nests of the paper wasps look like umbrellas so they are also known as umbrella wasps. We remove European wasps as well which are black and yellow.
  • Yellowjackets wasps: Yellowjackets are well-known for stinging humans compare to any other wasps. They are the most aggressive and harmful wasps species. You can easily identify them with their shiny yellow and black striped abdomen. We have a highly skilled team to carry out the yellowjacket wasp hive removal.
  • Hornets: Hornets are black and white. Besides, they are bald-faced and are the larger version of yellowjackets. Hornet’s nest is almost equal to a basketball. You can notice it hanging in the oval shape on the wall of your building. We are also available to offer European hornets wasp nest removal service in Darlinghurst. 

How Does Our Team Manage To Remove Bees And Wasps In Darlinghurst?

Our team of experts follows the safest and most effective process to remove and relocate bees and wasps. The method we use is as follows: 

  • Inspection of the area: Our bees and waps removal Rockghiam will start the process by inspecting the area. This will help us in understanding the type of species and the type of infestation.
  • Removal Of Bees And Wasps Around: Using the safe technique, we will remove the bees and wasps around your premise.
  • Remove Of Bees Hives And Nests: Our team will either use chemical treatment or a non-chemical solution to do the removal process. Besides, we don’t kill the bees and wasps instead relocate them.
  • Destroy The Nest (Only If Required): If our experts notice that the situation is not under control, then we might destroy the nest. We follow only follow this step when it is highly required.
  • Final Inspection: In the end, our bee removalist team will do the follow-up and final inspection to ensure that your property is free of bees and wasps.

How Do Bees And Wasps Make Their Nests And Hives?

Domestic honey bees are known to build their hives by chewing the wax turning it soft. Later, it bonds the wax inside the cells of the honeycomb in a large quantity. All the worker bees get into the hives which remain 35 degrees celsius. Whereas, the queen wasps create the nest using saliva mixed with wood. Which becomes the malleable pulp. Later, in the hollow space in the cells, she lay eggs. 

Get Quick Same Day Bees And Wasp Removal Service Darlinghurst

Our bee and wasp removal Darlinghurst team consists of local pest controllers that will arrive at your place on the day of booking. Moreover, we are also available for removing the bees and waps in case of emergency. Our team will charge the regular price and will give the best service on short notice. So, if you are worried about the bees and waps on your premise, then call us immediately for prompt bees and wasp control services. 


Does a bee sting cause an allergic reaction?

Bee stings can be very harmful. Besides, it can some serious allergic reactions to you and your loved ones. You might feel discomfort and temporary pain after being stung by the bees.

Is your company a licensed bee and wasp removal company in Darlinghurst?

Yes, we hold a proper license and also 20 years of experience. Moreover, all our pest controllers are also well certified to carry out the bee and wasp removal job. So, you can rely on us and hire us for removing bees from house.

How can I get a quotation?

To get a free quote you can call our team on our toll-free number. We have a dedicated team of customer service working 24*7 to give you the best professional assistance. 

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